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About us

About us

Khair Al-Watan Company was established in 2014 AD and is headquartered in Baghdad, Al-Shorja, Al-Wathba SquareOne of the Iraqi companies with more than twenty years of trading experience in the Iraqi market for selling and distributing electrical wires, cables, transformers and electrical poles to Baghdad and all Iraqi governorates. It has many commercial agencies for reputable companies in In the field of energy and electricity, such as:

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Providing high quality products

The company aims to provide high-quality electrical wires and cables that meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.

Innovation and technical development

The company works on continuous research and development to develop new products and improve existing processes, which helps it innovate and excel in the market.

Preserving the environment

The company works to provide environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes, and seeks to reduce the negative environmental impacts of its activities.

Achieving customer satisfaction

The company seeks to achieve customer satisfaction by providing distinguished services and reliable products, and responding effectively to their needs and requirements.

Commitment to social responsibility

The company seeks to play an effective role in society by supporting social and environmental initiatives, and contributing to improving the conditions surrounding society.
Khair Al-Watan Company

Company vision


Our vision

We strive to provide the highest levels of quality and reliability in the distribution of electrical wires. and cables, by providing innovative products and exceptional services.

Our goal

We aim to be The preferred partner for our customers in meeting their diverse needs in the fields of electricity. and communications, through continuous innovation and excellence in performance.

Our message

We strive to achieve growth Sustainable and global expansion, with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility in all Aspects of our work.,

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Company activity

Trading in electrical materials, supplying government departments and ministries, and supplying residential complexes.Government projects and private projects related to electrical works.

Red Sea Cables Company

Authorized agent for the Red Sea Cable Company, RSCAP, a Saudi joint stock company. Low voltage cables and medium voltage cables.

Authorized agent of HASCELIK, a Turkish company Includes all
products A- Aluminum wire and suspended aerial cable (toast). B Copper cables of various sizes of low and medium voltage. And transmission line cables

Authorized distributor of Turkish BETAENERJI for Turkish transformers of various sizes. (1000KAV- - 630 -400 -250-100)

Agent of Saudi Cable Paths Company within Al-Ajaimi Cables Industrial Group Effort

Agent of Saudi Malco Electrical Transformers Company, low-power transformers and distribution transformers. Power Electric Trans Formers
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Red Sea Cables Company
HASCELIK company
Masarat Cable Company
Malco Company
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